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Let us help you launch your career.

Just starting out on your new career journey? We’re here to help. 
Residents, new graduates, and students -  learn how Main Street can play a pivotal role in your 
growth & development.  

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opportunity to work independently

grow your skills in multiple areas: cardiac, OB, general, peds, neuro, etc. 

learn quickly & develop professionally

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supportive team of CRNAs and Anesthesiologists

friendly work environment

positive & engaging culture with strong leadership

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various compensation options

experience the natural beauty & outdoor adventure of New Mexico

four seasons, mild climate, and 300+ days of sunshine


get your sign-on bonus while you're still in school!

reach out to learn more.

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My anesthesia training with Main Street Anesthesia in Albuquerque and Las Cruces set me up for academic and clinical success as a student and ultimately as a CRNA. Learning from board-certified CRNAs on a wide variety of cases broadened my clinical outlook and created an optimal scenario to expand my education and training to the advanced practice level. I am very thankful for every anesthesia provider throughout my training as they helped build and shape my practice as an independent CRNA with MSA. I wholeheartedly recommend Main Street’s clinical sites to SRNAs as you are exposed to a range of anesthesia techniques, skills, procedures, patient populations, and surgical cases allowing the development of necessary skills and knowledge prior to entering the clinical setting. 



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Interested in learning more?

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