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We foster a culture of "yes."

With nearly 30 years of combined experience in building anesthesia teams, we know the challenges you face on a daily basis. Let us help you make your world less painful.

Our Approach

Making the main things the main thing.

Our focus is on what really matters - clinical quality, availability, leadership, efficiency, culture, and patient safety. We will strengthen clinical quality, ensure you have the anesthesia availability you expect, and develop and support your local anesthesia leaders. Doing so will transform your current department into an efficient team with a healthy culture of safe service and engagement.

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Our Viewpoint

The surgeon is the customer.

We believe that we have a unique viewpoint of the anesthesia practice-customer relationship. We view the relationship much as one might view a restaurant–dinner host relationship. The host (surgeon) exercises discretion when inviting the guest (patient) to our establishment (surgical suite) for surgical services. It is both the dinner host’s experience, as well as the guest’s satisfaction, which influences subsequent visits (surgeries), the size of the party (caseload), and the type of the occasion (type of procedures).  We believe that viewing your surgeons as our primary customers will attract case volume to your hospital.

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The Main Things

The Main Things

Changing Anesthesia Providers doesn't have to be painful.

Seamless Transitions

We've successfully and seamlessly transitioned anesthesia teams at the hospitals and surgery centers we serve. With detailed attention to your needs, a solid operational plan, and excellent communication, we have proven that anesthesia transitions do not have to be painful or burdensome.

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It's time to prioritize the main things - let us help you.

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