Our focus is on you and what you need - clinical quality, availability, leadership, efficiency, and culture. Not answering to a board of directors. Not preparing reports for investors. Main Street Anesthesia makes the main things the main thing.  We will strengthen clinical quality, ensure you have the anesthesia availability you expect, and develop and support the local anesthesia leaders. Doing so will transform your current department into an efficient team with a healthy culture of service and engagement. Let us help you.


Most administrators will say they are satisfied with the ​clinical quality of anesthesia, yet most groups are not engaged in clinical improvement initiatives. Our approach is to build on the clinical strengths of each provider while continuously improving the clinical quality of the entire department.


Like clinical quality, anesthesia availability is an expectation that can never be compromised. Unfortunately, the most common complaint of anesthesia is about availability. It's expected at 9:00 - and it's expected at 3:00. We have a proven track record of attracting and recruiting quality, service-minded providers who will have all of your anesthesia needs covered.  


The success of every anesthesia team depends on leadership. And although quality and availability can exist without it, strong local and company leadership is required to build an efficient, high-functioning anesthesia team. What is different about our approach is that we will be present - onsite often to support, coach, and ensure that we are all aligned to make your hospital better.


Anesthesia is in a unique position to impact the efficiency and throughput of your OR. Therefore, providers must understand their role in improving room-readiness, turnover times, PACU times, and the overall case volume capacity of your hospital.


Our goal is to develop an anesthesia team that is about all the things above - a team made up of high-EQ, highly engaged professionals. We want to set a positive, productive tone and take ownership of making your hospital better.